Children Song's From  Grandma Connie Rigby’s 

Notebook of Thoughts 

1980 ~ 2005

Five Little Squirrels


Five little squirrels sitting up a tree

(point to each finger as you go)

This little squirrel said, I smell gun

This little squirrel said lets all run

This little squirrel said lets hide in the shade

This little squirrel said I’m not afraid

Bang! Went the gun and away they all run

(on the word bang clap hands together then put hands both together behind back)

The Little Chicken

Peep peep peep says the little chicken yellow

“I want my breakfast” - he’s a hungry little fellow

So we’ll give him some food in his dish so small

Just watch him eat it!  Good! He ate it all!


(Good the third, fourth & fifth fingers of the right hand into the palm.  The thumb and fist finger represent the chickens mouth.  Open and close the mouth as you say the rhyme.  The dish is the cupped left hand.  The thumb and first finger of the right hand take food from the cupped left hand)

I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee

I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee

          (grab bee out of air and stick in closed hand)

Won’t my mother be surprised to see

I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee



It stung me!

          (Both hands fly in the air)

The Beehive

Here is the Beehive 

        (double fists together)

Where are the bees?

Hiding away where nobody sees!

Soon they come creeping

Out of there hive


 Buzz   Buzz  Buzz!!

My Brother

My Brother

Some brothers are tall

          (place hands high)

Some brothers are small

          (place hands low)

I like my brother

          (cross arms in front of chest in hugging position)


          (throw hands out to the side)