Cute Things Kids Say

Grandma Connie Rigby’s

Notebook of Thoughts

1980 ~ 2005


Robert & Jenny Moore Family:


David – Our closing song in sacrament meeting was “Dearest Children, God is Near You” (Watching o’er you night and Day – and they keep a faithful record of the things you do and say) Later on that day I was at Jenny’s house.  I said to the children; “Angels in Heaven write down everything you say and take pictures of everything you do” and David said “What kind of camera do they use, Kodak?


Ally – Grandma and Grandpa MacDonald were in church with Jenny’s family.  They were sitting next to Amy & Ally.  Grandpa wrote a note to Ally – it said: “Is you Amy or Ally?”.  Ally wrote back, “Is you groma or gropa?”


Bobby – Robert was flexing his muscles and Bobbie said “The way he works out to get those muscles was by using the remote control changer!”


Ally – Robert, Brandon, David & Bobby went to a priesthood fireside.  The phone rang.  The person on the phone wanted David.  Ally said they were at the fire hydrant.  They called again.  Again she said “They’re at the FIRE HYDRANT!”


Amy & Ally – Amy pushed Ally into the door and it made a small scratch on her leg.  Ally said “Look Mom!  I have a hole in my leg!”


Bobby – Beau is a sheep dog only 4 months old.  He is so huge that when he bumps you he almost knocks you over.  Amy, Alyson, Bobby and Danny were playing in the back yard in the Castle behind beau’s house when they decided to go in the house.  Beau wrapped his legs around Bobby so he couldn’t get by.  They yelled for help and Grandma MacDonald said to Bobby, “What’s the matter Bobby? He’s only a baby!”  Later that day when Grandma was finished feeding Beau and was trying to come in the house, Beau grabbed onto her legs and she couldn’t shake him loose.  Bobby said, “What’s the matter, Grandma, he’s only a baby!”


Brandon – Brandon and David said “We saw a motorcycle parked at Albertsons”.  David said “Oh that motorcycle had a saddle bag.”  Then Brandon said “That’s because it has horsepower!


Bobby – Bobby wanted to call Jamie every day and he told Jenny, “Let’s give Jamie one of our phones and we can buy a new one”.  Jenny said that it sounded good to her.


Bobby – I called Danny Pork Chop (Jenny) & Bobby thought I said something else.  A few minutes later he said “Hey, chop steak, come over here!”


Ally – We were talking about the state insect being the “honey bee”.  Allyson said “Honey bees give honey & bumble bees give bumble gum!” (9/3/94)


Amy – “Do you know what?  My daddy comes down the chimney!  He’s faster than Santa Claus!”



Bobbie – Jackie and Jenny went to JB’s for lunch.  Bobbie was causing everyone to stare at them (they were anyway because of the twins and the fact that Jenny was expecting Danny).  Bobbie would pick up a French fry, hold it up in the air and say “Airplane coming in for a landing!” and dip it in the catsup on his plate and then eat it!


Ally – “Jackie, may I go to the store with you?
            Grandma – “May I go too?”

            Ally – “No you can’t go!  You’re not a mom!”


Danny – Jackie picked up Jenny’s kids – Amy, Ally & Danny.  Melissa was with them. On the way to Jackie’s Danny said “There’s a fag” (he meant FLAG)


Amy – Grandma to Amy, “Ask Randy Faucett if he is still working on John.”  Randy to Amy, “I’ve got to work on myself first.”  Grandma to Amy, “Tell Randy that you work on yourself by working on others”.  Amy to Randy, “Grandma said you work on others…GRANDMA!  You’re making me preach to him!!”


Danny – Grandma said “I had a spiral notebook that Mel put a pen in the spiral part & I couldn’t find it.”  Danny said “We put pens in them all the time at school.”  Grandma said “We didn’t have spirals when I went to school.”  Danny said “They didn’t have paper  when you went to school!”


Amy was coloring my hair (Connie). I said to Amy, “This Sunday your grandpa and I are going on splits with the missionaries.” Amy said, “Granny what kind of splits, Banana Splits!”


Brian & Jackie Bracken Family:


Melissa – Brandi had gotten some cotton candy at Show Biz Pizza.  She gave a piece to Melissa.  Her hands got really sticky so she said, “Mommy, can I have some sticky candy too?”


Melissa – Melissa hit Heather, so Heather hit Melissa back.  Melissa ran to her mother and said “Heather hit me back!!”


Melissa – Jackie and Melissa were at the grocery store one night and Jackie was pushing the cart with Melissa in it.  They were looking for something to have for dinner.  When Jackie put a bag of frozen peas in the cart, Melissa picked it up and yelled out “I gotta pea, I gotta pea!”.  Jackie was so embarrassed!


Andrew - Allyson was teasing Andrew.  Afterwards she took his lunch box apart to see it.  Andrew said, “Mommy, Allyson teasing my lunch box!”

Andrew – Mommy said “Bring your sandals incase you need them!”  Andrew said, “Mommy, my sandals don’t want to go!”


Melissa – The neighbors called 911 for an ambulance & a fire truck came also.  Melissa and Andrew watched.  Melissa said “I wonder if it’s on the show ‘Rescue 911’.  (10/29/95)


Melissa – Melissa and Austin wanted some pudding so they asked Grandma MacDonald if they could have some.  She said, “you will have to ask your mom if you can have some”.  Melissa said “you’re her mom, you should tell her what to do!


Andrew – On T.V. hey were singing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”.  We asked Andrew (4 years old) “Who is the ‘New Born King’?”  He said “Baby Simba is the New Born King!”


Andrew – Emily, 19 months, came down with Chicken Pox.  So Andrew said, “I don’t eat chicken so I won’t GET Chicken Pox!”


Emily – Emily was eating pizza.  I asked her what she had in her hand, she said “Pizza Piper”.


Emily – Emily asked Grandma “Where is Purr’s owee?”  Grandma said “Here on his neck.  I guess it is all better”.  Emily said “Did he get Tylenol?”


Andrew – Brian was drinking.  Andrew asked, “What’s in your cup, dad?”  Brian said “Diet Coke”.  Andrew said “Does Diet Coke make you die?”


Emily – Melissa told Emily there was a cup at DisneyLand that you ride on.  Emily said “Will it tip me over and pour me out?”


Melissa – Grandma said, “You know when Jesus comes in his second coming, he will be dressed in red clothes.  His sheep will be at his right hand.”  Melissa asked, “Who will be at his left hand?  Black sheep?”


Andrew – Andrew accidentally put the leg of the chair on his foot.  He said, “The chair stepped on my foot!”


Emily – Grandma was putting drops in her eyes.  Emily said, “What are you doing, Grandma?”  Grandma said, “Putting tears in my eyes.  Do you want me to put tears in your eyes?”  Emily said, “No, it will make me cry!”


Andrew – Andrew opened a fortune cookie.  The fortune said, “You will be married within a year”.  He asked Emily to marry him and said “Will you marry this awful wedded husband?”


Emily – Andrew said “The sharks head blew off!”  Emily said “He won’t be able to walk anymore”.


Emily – Emily ate a chocolate bunny sucker.  When she ate the head she said, “Now it’s a stick head!”


Emily – Grandma Rigby called Jackie one morning.  No one answered so she left a message on the answering machine.  Ten minutes later Emily called Grandma and said “I’m sorry, Grandma.  I accidentally forgot to answer the phone!”


Emily – Grandma & Emily were looking at pictures.  Grandpa Winward was in one.  Emily said, “How come you didn’t like Grandpa Winward?”  Grandma said “It was Grandpa that didn’t like me!”  Emily put her hands on her hips and said “Well I don’t like HIM then!”


Emily – Emily was upset because somebody gave her the flu and she was really sick.  She said “I want to give the sickness back to them!”  Mommy said “That wouldn’t be very nice”.  Then Emily said “Then I want to give it to a mean kid!”


Andrew & Emily – Andrew was ‘The Reds’ in basketball & was playing against the Giants.  They wore orange shirts.  Emily said they should be called ‘Oranges’!


Andrew said he could count to 10 in Spanish: “Do, Ray, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do”


Emily – I was tending Emily, 5 years, and Colton, 3 years.  Emily told Colton there were ghosts in the house.  Colton came running into me and hid his face in my dress.  I said to Emily, “Tell Colton there aren’t any ghosts in the house & maybe sometimes there are good ghosts (angels).”  She did and then she said “Let’s watch the video ‘Casper he’s the Holy Ghost!’”


Emily – I was talking with Emily on the phone.  She asked me how old I was.  I counted to 67.  She said “You’re getting old!  Are you going to die?!”


Andrew – Andrew said, “Spencer and I sold our tokens (Peter Piper) so we could have an even number.”  Jackie asked, “How much did you sell it for?”  Andrew said, “Nothing!  We sold it for free!”


Andrew – Andrew said “We have Tarzan toys from McDonalds.  Tarzan’s hair isn’t long enough.  His hair should be longer ‘cuz he lived in the jungle his whole life.”


Emily – Grandma and Emily were eating pea soup.  Grandma asked Emily to taste her ‘Grandma Bread’ (the one made in Pleasant Grove).  So she said “This is Grandma Bread I’m eating!”  So Emily said, “This is Emily Soup I’m eating”.


Emily – Emily was washing off the table.  Something wouldn’t come off.  She said “I can’t get this off the table!”  Jackie said, “you need to use some elbow grease”.  A minute later Jackie saw Emily trying to rub it off with her elbow. 


Emily – Emily & Abby were reading in the back seat of the van.  Jackie was driving.  Emily & Abby were saying their ABC’s.  Emily said “A is for Apple”.  Abby said “B is for Bear”.  Then she said, “What comes after ‘B’ in the ABC’s?”


Emily – “Andrew has a dirty spirit.”  Grandma said “What does Andrew do when he has a dirty spirit?”  Emily said “He takes a bath!”


Emily - Emily said “David hasn’t had a bath for a month” when we were trying to get him to bathe.


Melissa – Melissa said “If you boil a pot of water, that’s how hot it is.”


Andrew - I gave Andrew, Emily & Spencer some peanut M&M’s.  I said to them “Something’s wrong, there’s only orange & brown M&M’s.  Aren’t they supposed to have all colors?”  Andrew said “That’s because they are Murray school colors – Orange & Brown!” (12 years old)


Melissa – Did you want a girl or a boy?  No you wanted a girl more than a boy.  Just for a few seconds!


Emily – Grandma was telling the story of the Duke of Epperson of France to Emily and Andrew.  Emily said, “Do we really have a Duke?”  Grandma said yes.  Emily said “Boy, we have 2 Dukes in the family.”


Alex – Grandma I love you today more than yesterday.  Alex, I’ll love you twice as much tomorrow.


Alex – Brian was out of town and Jacob was crying uncontrollably.  He kept saying “I want my daddy!  I want my daddy!”  Alex said to him “I have an idea, I’ll be the daddy and when daddy comes home he can be the daddy!”


I (Connie) wanted to talk to Jackie about something important. I called her so when she didn’t answer I left a message. Quite a while passed, so I called again. When Jackie answered I started telling her what I wanted, she said, “Mom I can’t listen to both of you at the same time.” She was listening to her answering machine.


Jacob was sitting on my lap. My leg went to sleep, so I asked him to move over. When he did I asked him, “has you leg ever gone to sleep?” He said, “No my leg doesn’t have eyes.


We were watching the video of Brandi and Clint’s wedding and suddenly Jacob started crying. When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I wanted to marry Brandal.” (He calls Brandi, Brandal) Still very upset and crying he then said “I want to marry mommy and daddy.” Then he decided, “I want daddy to marry himself and I want to marry you Mommy.”


When going through the letters of the alphabet in a book with Jacob we got to the letterU. I asked Jacob if he knew what letter that was and he said “No.” I (Jackie) told him, “That is the letterU.” He got very upset and said, “No, that’s not me.” I said, “No it’s not you, it’s the letterU.” Again he yelled, “No, it’s not me.” When we got to the letter W he did the very same thing.


Andrew to Emily: “You can take away my privileges you can take away this and that, but you can’t take away my dignity!”


Jacob, “Mommy where’s Andrew?” Randi, “He ran away with the spoon.” Jacob, “Mommy why did Andrew run away with the spoon? Emily, “He left to get married to the spoon! Jacob, “When’s he coming back with the spoon?


Joni & Family


Brandi – Brandi was on the phone with Grandma.  She said she had fallen and chipped her tooth.  Grandma asked, “Was it your baby tooth?”  She said “No, it’s my Mama tooth”.


Brandi – Brandi was playing with scissors.  Grandma said to her, “Careful, that is how Ally got cut on her face and had to get stitches.” Brandi asked “Did she lose all her blood?  Would you look flat if you lost all your blood?”


Karrie – Grandma was telling the story to Joni’s family of the Woman at the Well for Family Home Evening.  When she got to the part where the Lord aid “Who that drinketh of the Living Water I shall give them shall never thirst but have Everlasting Life”.  Grandma asked the kids “What is ‘Living Water’?”  Karrie raised her hand and asked “Grandma, is it hot water?”


Heather – Virginia said to Heather “I would like a new baby.”  Heather said “Santa will bring you one!”  Virginia said “Heavenly Father will bring me one.  Heather said “when he does, you’ll have to be asleep!!”


Karrie – Grandma MacDonald was tending Jamie, Karrie & Brandi while their mother was at work.  She told the kids if they would hurry up and do their work we would go pick up their mommy after work and we could go to Temple Square & see the Christmas lights.  After their work was done we watched Shirley Temple movies.  After those were over Karrie said “When are we going to see Shirley Temple?”


Karrie – Joni & Karrie were sitting on the couch one night looking at the moon through the screen door.  It was a full moon and it was very bright shiny white.  It was around the 4th of July and the neighbors were lighting fireworks.  Thy watched the moon for awhile & then got interested in the show on TV.  After awhile the moon moved behind a tree so they couldn’t see it anymore.  Karrie looked out the door and saw that the moon was gone.  She said “Mom, that big white moon just popped!”


Karrie – One day Karrie wanted to go outside and play.  She didn’t have any shoes or socks on.  She said “Mom, can I go outside with bare socks?”


Brandi – Brandi was singing one day.  She must have forgotten how the song went.  She was singing “Jesus wants me for a bean bag”!


Karri & Brandi – Karrie melted one of our plastic cups.  Brandi came in with it and said “This cup is sunburned!”


Jamie – Grandma said to Jamie “I hope you will choose to get your Patriarchal Blessing to help guide your life.”  Jamie said she couldn’t get her Patriarchal Blessing because she wasn’t responsible.


Heather – Grandma said to Heather, “I’m getting old.”  Heather said “Sixty-five isn’t old Seventy is.”  Grandma said “When I’m seventy, you’ll be fourteen”.  Heather said “By then you’ll be dead!”


Heather – Emily said “How old are you Heather?”  Heather said “I can’t answer that – maybe I’m 10 or 20”.


Heather – Brittany asked Heather, “Do babies always come from the Mother”.  Heather answered “I don’t know… maybe they come from dads too!”


Heather – Melissa was showing a picture of Dallin in his coffin.  Melissa said “this is a picture of Dallin at his funeral in his coffin.”  Heather said “He’s not coughing”.


Brandi – Grandma brought some lose change in to Jackie.  She said to ‘save it for a rainy day’.  Brandi said “It IS raining” – it was raining real good outside.


Brandi – We were talking to Brandi about the new station Cozy 106.5.  Brandi “Is that on AM or PM?”


Karlee – Melissa said she was going to look at Brandi’s Dear Diary and Karlee said – I have diarrhea when I go potty!”


Karlee got a goose egg on her head and she said “Brandi, I have an egg in my eye!”


Karrie was at the grocery store with her mom when a black man came down the aisle.  Karrie said “Mom, that man has a dirty face!”


Julee and Arven Roberts Family


Ryan – Grandma MacDonald was tending Julee’s children in May of 1981.  Julee and Arven had gone out for awhile.  All five of the children and I were sleeping (or trying to) in Natalie’s room.  I was on the bed and the children were sleeping in their sleeping bags.

            It was very noisy.  None of them wanted to sleep and I was enjoying their company so much that I didn’t mind.  Soon their parent’s car drove up.  Some one said “Our car just pulled up!”  All was quiet for a few minutes.  But I started to become noisy once again.  Then Ryan popped out and said “I can hear their foot prints coming down the hall!”


Zeb – Natalie was playing soccer the next afternoon.  While we were waiting for the game to start I asked Ryan how he liked school.  He said he didn’t like it.  Then I asked him if he wrote with his right hand.  He said he did.  Then I asked Matthew what hand he wrote with.  He said he wrote with his right hand.  Then Zeb yelled out “I write with my wrong hand!”


Laurie – Grandma said to Laurie, “Have you ever heard Brandon say ‘yes’? (because he always answered ‘yep’)  And then Laurie answered “Yep!”


Zeb – Grandma asked Zeb “Do you know why you are baptized?”  Zeb said “To be immersed?”  Grandma said “To wash away your sins!”  Zeb said “But I don’t have any sins, I wash them away when I go swimming!”


Nathan – We were driving by the SandyCemetery and Nathan said “Do any of those head stones say ‘Rest in Peace’?


Matt & Ryan – Mat & Ryan found two pennies on their Mother’s dresser.  So they walked down to Seven Eleven.  They wanted to buy candy.  The clerk said they didn’t have enough money & they would have to go home and get some more.  The kids said “Oh good!  Then we could by the whole store!”


Matt – Matt asked Grandma “Are you a Mormon?”  She said “I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  What Church do you belong to?”  Matt answered “I belong to the church over there (pointing to his ward house).


Zeb – Bobbie said to Grandma, “You know when you started crying Saturday?  Well, after you left it started raining and Zeb said ‘Grandma must be crying real hard!’”


Nathan – Natalie was changing Nathan.  He said “Mom, my bum doesn’t open up.”  Natalie said “It doesn’t?”  Nathan said “Nope but Mr. Potato Head’s does.  He can put things in his bottom!”


Julee and Duke saw a flock of birds flying low across the sky. Julee asked Duke “Where do you think all the birds are going?”  Duke said “I think they are going to the family reunion!”


Nathan – One day Nathan was misbehaving and was sent to the time out chair & then to bed for still misbehaving.  (His dad said he was being a stinker.)  A little while later Nathan came down the stairs and said “I’m done being a stinker.”


Duke – Jennifer kept saying to Duke “Bring me this, bring me that, bring me this, bring me that”.  Then Duke said “Mama don’t you like me any more?”


Nathan – Duke was sitting across the table from Natalie.  He asked her for a piece of pizza Natalie threw him a piece.  Nathan was watching and said “I wish we had a pizza flipper”.


Duke – When Julee was fixing dinner Duke woke up from his nap and said “I’m so hungry I couldn’t eat, Grandma”. 


Duke – “I’m going to learn to swim like a fish!”


Natalie – When Natalie was about 9 she was staying in Pleasant Grove wih her Grandma & Grandpa Roberts.  Natalie asked her Grandma if there was something she needed from the basement.  Grandma said “Yes I do” and told her what she wanted.  Natalie went down stairs and was gone for a very long time.  Pretty soon she came back up and said “What was it you wanted me to get for you?”


Duke – Julee said “Tell Grandma what you learned in school.  She hasn’t heard it for a long time.”  Duke said “No!” Grandma said “Please tell me.  I want to hear it so bad!”  Duke: “No, but I’ll tell you in heaven.”  P.S.  He finally told Grandma the pledge of allegiance.


Duke – Grandma called Ryan and Duke answered the phone.  She asked if she could talk to his dad.  He said the phone wouldn’t reach.  Grandma asked if he had a cordless phone.  Duke said “Oh, yes!  I’ll meet you at the other phone!”


Nathan – Natalie fixed breakfast for Nate – yogurt, strawberries, peanut butter sandwiches & lemonade.  Nate said, “Wow mom, you’re the best!”


Julee was driving south toward 90th south and suddenly Alexia became very excited, “Grandma look at that beautiful castle. Look Grandma, can you see it? Look how big it is. Julee said, “Do you think a princess lives there?” Alexia said, “Oh no grandma, I think God lives there!” She was looking at the Jordan RiverTemple.


Sadie did something wrong and Grandpa Arven asked why she did it. Sadie said, “Because there’s something wrong with my brain.”


Max was telling Grandpa Arven and Grandma Julee about a clay-mation movie that he and Nate were working on. He was all excited telling about how they made the clay figures and what the story was going to be about. Then suddenly he said, “But wait first I need to ask you something, are you guys democrats or republicans?


Max, being the political boy that he, is overheard some one say, Republican. So he says to them, “You said the “R” word.






Jim & Sandy Winward Family


Jana – One day while they were visiting at Mike & Terri’s ward, Jana and Sandy were sitting behind a balding man.  He had a big bald circle on top of his head, which Jana noticed right away.  She innocently said “Mom that man took his hair off!”


Jana – Jana saw a black baby in a shopping cart at the store.  Her eyes grew as big as saucers (this was the first black person she’d seen).  She said “Mama, is that a chocolate baby?”


Ginnie – One day when Sandy was driving to the mall Ginnie said “Let’s stop at Albertsons.”  Sandy said “Why?”  Ginnie said, “So I can buy a new brain”.  Again, Sandy asked “Why?”  Ginnie said “So I can change my mind!”


Christian – As Christian tried to put a pair of toy pliers into his mommy’s mouth, he told her “Eat this mommy.”  When Sandy asked him why, he said, “For the new baby!”  (He thought the unborn baby needed something to play with.  The unborn baby was Dallin)


Ginnie – One day at school, Ginnie’s little friends were bragging about how strong their dad’s were.  Not to be outdone, Ginnie said “Well my dad has muscles up to the ceiling!”  (Probably because her Dad lifts everyone he sees clear up to the ceiling!)


Jim – One day when Jim was about 9 the family went for a ride in the car.  We stopped at a fruit stand and bought some cherries.  After awhile we were eating cherries and driving around when their dad started choking on a cherry.  Jim announced “Whoops, they must have been CHOKE cherries!


Spencer - Someone was speaking in sacrament meeting and said that we must pray for a strong spirit.  A few minutes later Spencer went up to his daddy and said “Do you have a strong spirit?”


Spencer – Jim was watching Rush Limbaugh that he had taped from the night before.  Jim had to use the bathroom so he paused it.  When he came back he noticed Spencer had turned the tape on and was watching it.


Christian – One Friday evening Sandy and Christian were making Halloween decorations.  Sandy told Chris to go in the living room and ask his dad if he was going to sleep-in the next day.  Jim said he wasn’t going to sleep in.  Then Chris gave a studious pause and said “So, I guess he’s going to sleep out!”


Christian – His family was sitting in sacrament meting.  The Bishop asked for the congregation to come up to the pulpit & name a song for all to sing and why they like the song.  Christian went up and said “Page 246 (Onward Christian Soldiers) Because when my dad wakes up in the morning he always sings “Onward Christian Winward”.


Dallin – One Sunday morning Jim was making waffles for breakfast.  Dallin wanted to help so Jim pulled a chair up to the counter.  When Jim turned away to grab a spoon to stir the batter Dallin began throwing whole potatoes in the bowl.  It was so cute that he couldn’t be mad at him.


Zachary – Zachary calls Ravioli “Rav-a-loli”


Zachary – Jana and Zach were looking at flowers.  Jana asked, “Zach what color are those flowers?”  Zach replied “Pinkleish!”


Zachary – Jana was having a bad day with Zachary.  Jim was going to Brody’s and he offered to take Zachary with him.  Jim said to Zach “Is mommy mad at you?”  Zach said “Yeah, I was being a weenie.”  (Jana always calls him a weenie when he acts up)


John & Val Winward Family


Kelly – Grandma was saying “The bad people will be destroyed by fire at the end of the earth!  The good people will be saved.  Kelly said “Does that mean they’re fire proof?!”


John – When Vickie got married she became Mrs. Vicky Coffin.  A few weeks later we were discussing Vickie and John said “What is Vicky’s last name now? Casket?”


Jonathan – Jonathan was shopping with John & Valerie.  There was a dwarf that worked in the store.  When Jonathan saw the dwarf he said “Mom, did that man get hit on the head with a hammer?”


John and I (Connie) were talking about our troubles. I said to John, “Our troubles help to strengthen us.” John said, “If we didn’t have troubles you’d have too much time to get in trouble.”


When Travis was about three years old, Grandma called on the telephone. Travis answered and he sounded quite hoarse. Grandma said to him, “you sound like you’re a little horse.” Travis said, “No I’m not, I’m a little pony!”


After Kelly was born Grandma asked Shandy how old she was. She held up 4 fingers. She asked her how old Travis was, she held up 2 fingers. She asked Shandy how old Grandma was? Shandy held up 1 2 3 fingers, she looked at grandma and said, “I don’t have enough fingers!”



Mike Winward Family


Rachel – Jackie & Brian came over to Michelle’s house.  They took Michelle & Rachel for a little ride when the subject came to preschool.  Jackie said she had never gone to preschool.  Michelle said she had never gone to preschool either.  Then Rachel said “When you guys get ‘little’ you can come to my preschool!”


Michelle – Michelle Winward was at the grocery store and saw a bin of “Wonder Bread”.  The bin was empty and she said “the reason why it’s called ‘Wonder Bread’ is because you wonder when it’s gonna be there!”


Rachel – One night Rachel was crying because her leg had gone to sleep.  The next morning Michelle asked her about her leg hurting and she said cheerfully, “I guess my leg knew it was night time and that’s why it went to sleep.”


Michael Joe – Mike was giving Jim orders (ordering him around).  Jim was much smaller than Mike but decided to punch him in the face.  He accidentally hit his neck & Mike yelled out “You broke my wish bone!”


David W. – David was in a bubble bath with a screw driver in his hand shaving the bubbles off his face and his under arms.


David W. – David said when he got older he was going to marry his mother.  Later he said “I can’t marry her because by that time she’ll be dead!”


Rylan – Lori was using a breast-pump to pump milk for Marthe Jo into two small bottles.  Rylan was watching the milk go into the bottles (kind of like a cow).  He pointed to the breast pump and said “Does this pump chocolate milk?”


Lori – When Lori was small her mother sent her to the store with a note.  She wrote WWB for “Whole Wheat Bread” but she came back with Whole Wonder Bread.


David Michael, said he wanted to work at the M&M printing because he thought that’s where they print the “M’s” on the M&M’s.


Lori was telling Mari she was a good girl for staying dry in the night. Mari said, “I’m a good little butterfly! I butterfly pee in the toilet!” (Mari calls herself a butterfly)


Mari said, “I go to Girl Scouts on Tuesday! Rylan goes to boy scouts on Thursday!” Marthe Jo said, “I want to go to baby scouts.” (She is the baby of the family!)