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BIRTHDATE: II Jul 1836 Osnabruck, Ontario, Canada

DEATH: 4 Feb 1911   Midway, Wasatch Co., Utah

PARENTS: David Wood Catherine Crites/Kreits

PIONEER: 17 Sep 1852 David Wood Wagon Train

SPOUSE: Benjamin Mark Smith

MARRIED: 28 Feb 1855 American Fork, Utah Co., Utah

DEATH SP: 15 Feb 1912 Midway, Wasatch Utah



Winnifred Catherine (Waddell), 2 Nov 1856

Martha Ann (Bronson), 12 Dec 1858

Amanda Agnes (Sulzer), II Oct 1860

David Warren, 2 Oct 1862

Mark Alexander, 29 Dec 1864

Stephen Hyrum, 16 Jun 1867

Charles William, 9 Feb 1870

Lydia Melissa (Epperson), 2 Aug 1873

Carson Oscar, 29 Sep 1875


Elizabeth Agnes was born in Eastern Canada, in 1836. Her parents were well‑to‑do, owning a sugar plantation. They became members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints and moved to Kirtland, Ohio, then to Nauvoo. Agnes was baptized in 1845 in Nauvoo.       Agnes' family were friends of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and her oldest sister worked for the Prophet's family. One time when she visited her sister, the Prophet laid his hands on her head and said she would testify of him. She remembered well the martyrdom of Hyrum and Joseph, and viewed their bodies after they were brought from Carthage jail.

In 1852, her family crossed the Plains in the company where her father was the captain. Even with the hardships, they were happy and had many happy times moving west. When available, they feasted on buffalo steaks. They had been exhorted to be prayerful and thankful for their many blessings and they recounted them often. Agnes was six‑ teen years of age.

The long awaited day arrived and they reached the Salt Lake Valley on September 17, 1852. The weary, but grateful people made their camp on the banks of City Creek for a short time and then moved forty miles south to the Provo area, a beautiful valley to behold. They built log cabins, plowed the black mountain soil, and planted grain and gardens.

The first time Agnes saw her husband to be she was standing at a window and he passed by driving some horses. She said, "There goes my future husband." This came to be,and they were married on February 28, 1855 in American Fork, Utah. Elizabeth Agnes Wood married Benjamin Mark Smith.


They did not stay long in Utah but moved to California and from there to Nevada where their first child was bom. They seemed to have the spirit of moving and they crossed the mountains back to Utah to American Fork where their second child was bom. In 1859, they moved to Provo, again crossed the mountains searching for the land of gold where two more children were bom. For the third time they journeyed back to Utah having been that long dreary road eight times by team. This time they went up the canyon from the Provo area to Midway. Here their last five children were bom. Agnes gave birth to nine children all who lived to maturity.     Agnes Smith passed away in Midway on February 4, 1911, at the age of eighty‑four years. Her husband, Mark, passed away on February 15, 1912, both of them died in Midway, Utah.

They were great examples of the true pioneering spirit of the West. They taught their children well to become productive, caring people who honor this fine couple for their contributions of faith and fortitude. Their posterity honor these great, faithful early pioneers of Utah. 



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