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BIRTHDATE: 22 Nov 1841 Scredington, Lincolnshire, England

DEATH: 14 Feb 1889 Herriman, Salt Lake Co., Utah

PARENTS: John Ward Wright   Elizabeth Bailey

PIONEER: 12 Sep 1861 John R. Murdock Wagon Train

SPOUSE: Edward John Farmer

MARRIED: 26 Sep 1858 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania





John Edward, 23 Nov 1859 (died as an infant)

Erastus Grenig, 29 Jun 1861

Enima Louise, 3 Sep 1863

Mary Ann, 8 Oct 1865

Richard Wright, 25 Dec 1867

Robert Frederick, 15 Aug 1870

Sarah Jane Elizabeth, 17 Aug 1872


Elizabeth Eleanor "Ellen" was born in England in 1841. Elizabeth was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 2, 1853, and sailed to America on the "Tuscarora," May 30, 1857, with 547 other Saints. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, 12 Sep 1861, with their company.

Elizabeth and Edward were married on September 26, 1858, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Edward John had a two year old daughter from a previous marriage. Elizabeth became the mother of two year old, Elizabeth Ann.

They returned to New York City where Edward worked in a factory. Their first child was born there in 1859 and passed away within a year.

When Elizabeth was expecting her next child, her parents came to New York to begin their western journey with them. Their son, Erastus Grenig, was born in Florence, Nebraska, in a covered wagon. They joined the John R. Murdock Company, arriving in the Salt Lake Valley on September 12, 1861.

Edward's sister and husband had settled in Fort Herriman, Utah. Other members of his family were also in the valley. Edward and Elizabeth settled there in Herriman.

In the Spring of 1862, this family went with a company of settlers to Bear Lake County in northern Utah. Because of Edward's health, they returned to their former home a year later. After living in Salt Lake City for two years, they returned to Fort Herriman with his family and continued farming. Edward had fully recovered his health.

Elizabeth Ellen passed away on February 14, 1889, in Herrirnan Utah. She had dedicated her life to rearing a righteous family and to building the Kingdom of God. Her numerous posterity bless her name.

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