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 BIRTHDATE: 8 May 1849 Outwell, Norfolk, England

DEATH: 16 Jan 1930 Los Angeles, California

PARENTS: William Billings Emily Chesson

PIONEER: 29 Oct 1864 Captain Hyde Wagon Train

SPOUSE: Edward David Holt

MARRIED: 10 Mar 1865 DEATH SP: 24 Oct 1900



Emma Mary Ann, 13 May 1866

Mary Ellen, 5 Jun 1867

Edward David, 15 Aug 1868

Annie Jane, 26 Aug 1870

Robert Newman, 8 Dec 1871

Elizabeth Abigail, 27 Feb 1873

William Billings, 20 Feb 1874

Alma Matthew, I I Nov 1875 d. 1878

Albert John, 3 Feb 1878 d. 1878

Jesse Henry, 10 Jul 1879

Olive Blanche, 16 Jan 1884 d. 1889

Rosa Alberta, 14 Aug 1885 d. 1886

Joseph Hyrum, 29 Jan 1887

Victor Chesson, 14 Apr 1894




Emma Billings was bom in England in 1849. She came to America with her grandmother, Mary Chesson, and her cousin, William, on the ship "Hudson," in 1864. Both children were orphans, and Emma was fifteen years old at the time.

They had to ride in cattle cars to get to Nebraska, where they purchased a wagon and oxen to continue the journey. At night on the Plains they would bed down under the wagon on a feather bed, with blankets wrapped around the wheels to keep out the cold.

In Salt Lake City Grandmother Chesson traded her wagon and oxen for a dugout to live in. Emma and William chopped wood to keep the fires going. Grandma Chesson and William moved to East Tooele, and later William left home seeking adventure, and was never heard from again.

Emma went to work for Edward David Holt in a spinning and weaving establishment, and then became his second wife on March 10, 1865. She was the mother of fifteen children, four of them dying quite young.

Emma and Edward homesteaded in South Jordan, where he died in 1900. Emma was in Los Angeles in 1930 when she died, but her body was brought back and buried in South Jordan.



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