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Jonathan H. Hale

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I, Jonathan H. Hale, son of Solomon Hale which was the son of Eliphalet Hale which was the son of Samuel Hale. My mother's name was Martha Harriman who was the daughter of Jonathan Harriman who was the son of Leonard Harriman. He was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts, February 1, 1800. I was baptized in Dover, New Hampshire, June 13, 1834; ordained the next August by P.G. Bishop. I presided over the branch of the church at Dover until September 1835 and removed to Kirtland July 10, 1836. I was ordained into the third quorum of Seventies in January 1837 by Hazen Aldrich and in the temple in Kirtland received my washing by Heber C. Kimball and my anointing by Joseph Young. I left Kirtland May 31, 1837 by the counsel of President Joseph Smith in company with Wilford Woodruff. I went to the upper Canada and attended a conference at Portland, Leads County, thence to Fox Islands, which belong to the state of Maine. The first elders that ever visited those islands built up a small branch of the church and returned to Kirtland October 29, 1837. I left Kirtland January 2, 1838 in company with Amos B. Fuller and went on a mission to the south part of Ohio, returning in the spring. I left Kirtland July 6, 1838 in the big [Zion's] camp which contained 525 souls, men, women and children and arrived in Daviess County, Missouri October 4, 1838. I left Far West February 5, 1839 in company of Emma Smith and family and arrived in Quincy, Illinois [ 6,] 1839. I went on a mission 1839 to 1840 to Indiana and Kentucky. I was ordained a high priest and counselor to Bishop N. K. Whitney under his hand April 6, 1841 and ordained bishop of the 9th Ward. I was appointed recorder for baptisms for the dead, August 1842. J.H.H.

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