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Beautiful funeral services were held in the Rose Room of the Deseret Mortuary in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 1 March 1941, under the direction of Bishop Cannon. Prelude music was by the Deseret Musicians, invocation by Henry B. Beckstead. Speaker was Vernon Howell.  Brother Howell spoke of his long association with Father and Mother in their  home and in the Bishopric.


"They were like a father and mother to me, they exemplified high ideals in raising their large family and teaching then the commandments of God.  Sister Farmer took over the work of the home so Brother Farmer could put his best in his work, as Bishop which he held for sixteen years.  They always kept in mind--Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added upon.


Mothers bring heaven closer to earth and men closer to God. Every one longs for a mothers touch and love more than anything else and he quoted President David O. McKay, 'The home is the foundation of all good.'  Sister Nellie (as mother was called ) waited for Rast (as she called father) to come home while he was Bishop and now Rast has been waiting for Nellie almost four years. Their reunion will be a glorious one and their influence will go with their children through life."


Instrumental and Vocal selection "O My Father" by Harry Clark.


Another speaker was Bishop William Hawkes of the Preston Third Ward. He said he brought sympathy and love from the people of the 3rd Ward.


"It seems I have known Brother and Sister Farmer always, They were 100% true Latter-day Saints. They have lived the gospel and taught it to their children.  Their splendid traits have been implanted in the lives of their children.  They had the riches of eternity and not the riches of this world.  We appreciate them and have been made better because of them.  Brother Farmer was a very studious man always studying the gospel and carried reading material where ever he went.  I have never known a man who loved the gospel and studied it like he did."  Brother Hawkes read the poem "The Father Builds the Cottage But the Mother Builds the Home."



This occasion is just as Sister Farmer would want it to be. Her ambition has helped to bring on her affliction, she always worked hard to help Brother Farmer carry the load of the Lords work.  They have reared a large family, and have instilled a love of the gospel in their hearts.  They have always prayed for the welfare of their children and grandchildren."  He read a Poem--"If Your Life was Your Last Mile on Earth."


Duet by Harry Clark and Mrs Hiddington, "I'll Take You Home again Kathleen."  (One of Fathers favorite songs he sang to Mother).


Speaker: Thomas Holt (Mother's cousin). He told how dear Mother had always been to him. They were the same age and used to walk back and forth to school together and also to the dances and parties. "My Uncle Edwards Holt's family was an ideal family of 15 children and Nellie was his favorite.  She has suffered a lot in her life.  She gave birth to 9 children, 8 are still living.  She was indeed a pioneer in her early married life and her suffering had been terrible in her last days.  I have loved Rast, and I am so glad to hear all these nice things as they  are true.  She has 40 grandchildren and I hope that they all follow after their grand and noble grandparents."


Bishop Cannon was the next speaker.  He said he had not known Mother very long, but was she was sweet and courageous in her suffering.  "Brother Harold Lee was going to speak at the funeral but was called to New York.  Before he left he told Bishop Cannon that he did not know of any family that had higher ideals in family life, or that he liked better than Brother and Sister Farmer's family.


Closing Song--"Going Home to the Friend I know."

Prayer--Bishop Samuel Lee.  He expressed that she had gone home to meet her beloved Husband. Bless her children, may they love and cherish their parents.


Pall Bearers: Roy Farmer. Lloyd Davis, William Holt, Golden Farmer, Truman Farmer and Jessie Holt.


Interment --South Jordan Cemetery.

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