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John Chesson, the son of John Chessen and Susannah Flood, was christened 6 October 1798, in Wereham, Norfolk, England[1]. He was the third son of five born to this couple. His mother had a son William Flood, before her marriage to John Chessen. Little is known about him before his marriage 11 January 1821, to Mary Tokelove. They were married in Wretton, Norfolk, England, (a neighboring parish), by banns and witnessed by her grandparents, William and Margaret Tokelove[2].


This couple had eight children; Ann, born 1 June 1821; Henry Isaac, christened 6 October 1822; Isaac, christened 29 February 1824, and buried 6 September 1824; Emily born 2 September 1826; Matilda, christened 22 June 1828; Rebina, christened 8 Jan 1832; Amelia, christened 28 April 1833; and Sophronia, born 1835: On the Salt Lake Temple records a Rebecca is listed as a daughter but no other records of her have been found and her birth date was given as Rebina's.


Their home was in Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, England. His occupation was a Harness Maker.  The family was listed in the 1841 census in Stoke Ferry.[3]  Mary and John were not listed together in the 1851 or 1861 Census records.[4] He was listed in the 1851 Census as a saddler and harness maker, living on Windsor Terrace, King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, age 55.  It had been assumed that he died before his wife Mary joined the LDS Church, as she never mentioned him in any of her records. In her history that was written by her family she is listed as a widow. THIS IS NOT TRUE. John Chesson died 28 June 1874 in Downham, Norfolk, England. He died at the Workhouse at the age of 80 years, being senile and having gangrene.[5] His daughter Ann Chesson Chapman had his baptism done on 13 Nov 1894 in the Logan Temple. His endowment records could not be found so his endowment was done 8 February 1968 in the Salt Lake Temple and he and Mary Tokelove and their children were sealed as a family 21 January 1969 in the Salt Lake Temple.


This history compiled by Jeanne Davis Cutler, 3rd Great Granddaughter, 1993.

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